1. The registration is an obligation.
    2. It is strictly forbidden to drive at the camp between 22:00 hours et 07:00 hours.
    3. It is forbidden to drive with private vehicles at the camp.
    4. When you drive inside the camp, the speed limit of 10 kph needs to be strictly respected.
    5. Every vehicle taking part at the tour must be according to the traffic regulations.
    6. The participants are engaged to respect the traffic regulations and follow the instructions of the Memorial Club Simmer.
    7. All open fire is forbidden.
    8. All kind of safety precautions need to be respected.
    9. Dogs are allowed, but need to be hold on a lead.
    10. The members of the Memorial Club Simmer will not be responsible for any kind of damage obtained by other
      participants during the meeting.
    11. Every violation of these rules noticed will be suppressed and will be punished with the immediate exclusion from the camp.